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chemist,research assistant,lab technitian,

I am a post graguate in biochemistry.I have knowledge and experience in various techniques. i have submitted two thesis. I have experience in a pharmaceutical company and Biochemistry, microbiology and clinical laboratories in a hospital. I have taken several lab course in Biochemistry, where I worked with chromatography, ELISA, electrophoresis and other biochemical techniques. I participated in planning experiments as well as evaluating test results.

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
25 - 35 per hour  
Desired Job Type
Any Type  
Can Travel for Work
Highest Education Level
Masters Degree  
Current Location
Willing to relocate?
Residency / Visa
Authorised to work in Australia

Skills Profile

Healthcare and Medicine
Pharmacy / Chemist
Science and Biotechnology
Laboratory / Technical
Quality Assurance / Testing
Research & Development
Scientist - Other
Technical Skills Skill Last Used Yrs. Exp.  
  Antioxidant activity  
  Enzyme activity  
  Experience in analytical chemistry  
  Experience in chromatography  
  Experience in ELISA  
  Experience in organic chemistry experiments  
  Experience in SDS PAGE analysis  
  Experience in using Dean and stark apparatus, Clevenger apparatus and Soxhlet apparatus  
  Tissue culture  
Other Skills
Computer Skills 1        Microsoft Office 2000 tools (Word, Excel) Internet Applications

Employment History

Job Title
09/2006 to 08/2007

. Worked as a Chemist in Bangalore Organics, Kozhikode, INDIA (one year)



In production

Planning and  Documentation of products

Prepare chemical list

Collection of raw materials

Formulation and testing of products

Quantity and quality checking

Purity checking

Temperature and humidity checking

Ph, solubility and weight checking
Maintain hygienic working condition

Control the packing unit

In quality control


Maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipments


Spectrophotometric analysis


 Non aqueous titration for determination of purity


 Karl Fischer titration for determination of water content


 Potentiometric analysis


Various chemical tests for the determination of the presence of toxic metals like lead, arsenic etc


 Determination of the ash content


Determination of the presence of nitrogen

Job Title
trainee lab technitian
09/2004 to 11/2004

.         Training completed in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Clinical


 Laboratory at G.Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Coimbatore, INDIA.  (3 months)




Blood gas analysis


Hormone analysis


Analysis of sugar, urea, and creatinine in the blood and urine


Antibody sensitivity test


ELISA test


Determination of ESR


Automation Experience:


 Elescys 1010 (hormone analyzer)


 Chemwell (chemistry analyzer)


 Chiron diagnostics (blood gas analyzer)


  ABX Pentra 60


  Uritex (urine analyzer)


  Coulter T- 890


   ELISA Reader


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
2006 Bharathidasan university,INDIA M.Phil Biochemistry  
2004 Bharathidasan university,INDIA Msc Biochemistry  
2002 Mahatmagandhi university,INDIA Bsc Chemistry  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2004 Cardamom research station,INDIA A project compleated  
2006 j j colege of arts and science,INDIA A project compleated