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About the Company

Established in 1989, Wagners is a family owned business with company headquarters located in Toowoomba, Queensland. Initially establishing three trading divisions - Wagners Concrete, Wagners Quarries and Wagners Transport, the company now incorporates Wagners Concrete Pumping, Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies, Wagners Pre-Cast Concrete, Wagners Steel Reinforcing, Wagners Projects and Wagners Global Services.



Wagners current business operations position the company to provide direct service to almost one-third of the State of Queensland; with a number of large plants located in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Townsville and over 20 smaller concrete plants in regional South East Queensland. 


Wagners Global Services manages projects throughout New Caledonia, Russia and Indonesia from the company’s global headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Having participated in a number of significant major projects throughout Australia and Internationally, Wagners has also developed a reputation as a reliable project partner, specialising in remote and challenging site locations, and with the experience and ability to complete small and large scale contracts effectively and efficiently. 


In 2008, Wagners employs more than 900 staff globally.  The Wagner Group of Companies is a Third Party Quality Endorsed Company, accredited by SAI Global and complying with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems.


Independently, each division of Wagners offer the quality assured specialised products and services required by our national and international customers. These products and services include premixed concrete, mobile concrete batching plants, pre-cast concrete products, concrete pumping, reinforcing steel products, contract crushing, quarry materials, civil works, project management services, bulk haulage transport, and composite products. 

The growth of Wagners continues at an ever increasing pace.  Brisbane operations are rapidly expanding with the construction of a number of major concrete plants as well as the long awaited construction of Queensland’s only independently owned cement plant.

The CFT division is surging forward with the dramatic production increases to service domestic and international contracts for bridges and electrical cross arms, with the research and development division working on a number of additional applications for this construction material for the future.

The Project division is set to continue its domestic expansion on the back of the countries mining and resource boom, while the Global division continues to grow with a number of major contracts impending.

Innovation remains a major focus of the company, who are continually striving to review and improve on current industry best practice.  Wagners is proud to have introduced a number of industry innovations that have since become benchmarks for company’s throughout the world.  These include the adaptation of composite products for the general construction industry, transport systems including side tippers and the quick hitch system and the Wastesaver recycling unit.

This growth and innovation has resulted in rapid growth in employee numbers, the company currently employs in excess of 1000 staff ,this growth offers opportunity for advancement and development to staff across all divisions and locations.

The Workplace Health and Safety of all employees and visitors to all sites is of paramount importance to Wagners.  Acknowledging the role of the employer and having experienced a significant growth rate in recent times, Wagners have implemented a range of strategies to ensure the continued safety of all, including detailed pre-employment and medical checks for prospective employees, specialist Occupational Health and Medical Consultant, the implementation of an advanced workplace safety monitoring system and implementation of an Employee Awareness Program.

The dedication of Wagners staff to workplace excellence is also reflected by Wagners’ belief in practicing responsible corporate citizenship, particularly in the area of environmental management.  Recovering and recycling waste products while strictly adhering to licensing conditions, industry codes and regulations, are indicative of the strategies implemented by Wagners to avoid pollution of land, air and water.  The company is committed to sustaining the environment in a healthy and safe manner for the benefit of future generations.

At Wagners we are committed to meeting, and where practical, exceeding customer expectations.  We recognize that a quality system is much more than procedures and instructions.   Quality of product, service, communication and all aspects of customer service must be of the highest order.
Our quality system is designed with the flexibility to support our endeavours of exceeding customer expectations, whilst providing the discipline of accountability and supporting our goal of continuous improvement.
The Wagners quality system provides a framework for continuous review of the company’s quality objectives.  The Wagners quality system complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 and is certified by SAI Global Limited.


PO Box 151

Drayton North Queensland 4350

Phone: 0746377777