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Melbourne Sports Institute

About the Company

The Melbourne Sports Institute provides coaches and umpires to over 50 schools in Victoria, as well as running accreditation courses, sport clinics and school sport programs etc.

The prime objective of the Melbourne Sports Institute is to provide dynamic, rigorous and values-based sporting education to students of all ages and ability levels. Physical exercise and the continued development of athletic skills during youth set the stage for success as an adult.

Using sport as a vehicle, we provide a distinctive educational encounter that will become the building blocks for students' continued physical, emotional and social development.

Melbourne Sports Institute sporting programs are comprehensive learning opportunities for students of all cultures and ages as the games based learning focus incorporates not only the cognitive and physical development of the child but also the emotional and social development that is learnt through team play.
Melbourne Sports Institute is committed to providing the best sporting experience for each student participating in our programs.

About Melbourne Sports Institute

2/44 Narrawong Road

Caulfield South VIC 3162

Phone: 1300 661 062